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The Most Important Strategies to Follow While Building Small to Medium Ecommerce Websites

With the meteoric rise in people opting for online business, the demand for building Ecommerce website has also grown to a great height. Care should be taken in building online stores and making them functional and successful. In this blog I want to discuss the strategies that we should adopt to make your Ecommerce website successful.

1.Plan out a long term SEO strategy:

Some say that SEO is no longer necessary. But I completely disagree with that. Statistics has proved that even how 70% of internet searches are organic searches from Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are a small business site owner, care should be taken to optimize your website as best as you can. Adopt smart content marketing strategies so that your website appears on the 1st page of SERP ranking.

2.Get your ecommerce website integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube:

Statistics has proved that many people spend a lot of time viewing YouTube. Post a video of the products, services, interviews or events. This will definitely attract a larger crowd. Post blog links and website links on to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Produce effective content for YouTube.

3.Adopt CPC and YouTube as marketing channels:

Many companies have resorted to CPC as their strong marketing strategy. Watch your competitors closely and adopt some creative techniques to make your ecommerce website popular.

4.Choose only week days to run the marketing campaign:

Again statistics has proved that more traffic comes to the website only during week days and not on weekends. If you are planning to run a marketing campaign, do it in the middle of the week.

4.Focus on targeted customers:

Choose your customers, find out what kind of products and services they want from you, and use the kinds of strategies to retain them. Give discount coupons, offers, special deals and incentives to retain old customers and attract the new ones.

6.Make your website a responsive one:

Responsive web designs are those that will make the website viewable on PCs, Smart phones and tablet. This fosters on line business while on the go. With the boom in mobile technology this will help you get better traffic to the website.

7.Provide easy secure online transaction:

Many give up Ecommerce websites because of the cumbersome processes to buy products. Many feel that the website does not have the required security features.

Follow these strategies to build an Ecommerce website best suited for your small business and enjoy the benefits.

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